Covid Regulations and Safety

Thank you for your support throughout this year. We have made a number of changes in accordance with the City of Chicago guidelines and regulations. Our goal is to continue to provide you with the service you know and expect from Parlor Hospitality Group. Our top priority is keeping our customers and staff safe. 


What We Are Doing: 

  • We have increased space between tables. 
  • There are floor markings and signage to ensure social distancing at all times when in the restaurant.
  • We have designated entrance and exit only doors to minimize cross-contact among patrons and staff. 


Cleaning and Disinfecting: 

  • We use CDC and FDA approved supplies for cleaning and sanitizing all areas of our restaurants. 
  • Our staff cleans all frequently touched surfaces in the restaurant hourly. 
  • We have added touchless soap and hand sanitizer dispensers around the restaurants. 
  • In addition to regular cleaning procedures, we have increased the use of a third party cleaning company to assist employees with cleaning and sanitizing. 

Employee Screenings: 

  • All employees have their temperatures checked before their shift. 
  • Managers execute employee questionnaires at the start at each shift to screen for any potential symptoms as outlined by the CDC. 

Measures for Employee Safety: 

  • All staff have undergone additional training on: handwashing, hygiene, cleaning/sanitizing products and how to properly clean and sanitize the restaurant. 
  • Additional training on social distancing both in and out the workplace has been implemented. 
  • All employees are required to wear face masks at all times.
  • Changes to employee work areas to ensure proper distancing have been made. 
  • We have increased use of disposable gloves

Changes to the Guest Experience: 

  • There will be an increased time in between seating of tables to ensure that all tables and chairs can be properly sanitized. 
  • We have implemented QR code menus. 
  • When printed menus are nessicary, they will be single use. 
  • Tables will not be preset with any items and only provided once a table has been seated. 
  • Tables will only be seated with complete parties. 
  • There will be no shared condiments or food items. They will all be single use only. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email We appreciate your continued support.

Our Mission

Parlor Hospitality Group strives to provide guests with approachable, high quality ingredients at an affordable price.

The continued success of our company’s growth can also be attributed to the strong emphasis we place on quality, comfort and consistency in our products and service.

We make sure that each of our establishments has three things in common. They are:

Comfortable | Approachable | Affordable

Dessert Dealer

Want ice cream, dessert tacos, cookies and cupcakes? Welcome to Parlor Pizza Bar’s Dessert Dealer! We have a dessert counter at all three locations where you can sit down and dive into a TACOlato or pick up some sweets to go! Look for the Dessert Dealer door next to Parlor Pizza’s main entrance and get ready to enter a sugar coma!

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